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MultiView is a fully featured software application that lets you create and manage content for impactful video walls. MultiView supports all picture formats,most video formats, texts, web pages, PDF documents, Flash animations, PowerPoint files, and TV broadcasts. With ViewSonic MultiView, a professional digital signage presentation is quickly and easily composed, scheduled, and delivered for the dynamic playback. The software allows you to split your screen into multiple zones; each having different content, set transition effects for pages and individual objects, add music and much more.

Key Features

  • Get a complete, easy to use video wall solution with a wide range of possibilities.
  • A single multimedia source to build a video wall up to 5x5 (25 monitors).
  • Save implementation and maintenance costs.
  • Easy-to-use icon (drag-and-drop) development tools.
  • Grab your audience attention by high-quality digital signage content ranging from plane text to Flash animations and TV broadcasts.
  • The best price / performance ratio on the market
    There is no need to connect monitors to multiple sources, the price of the complete solution is significantly reduced.
  • The smallest effort and the shortest learning curve on the market
    Owing to the use of the most popular media formats and a very intuitive MS Office-like inteface, ViewSonic MultiView requires less IT, programming, and designer efforts in comparison with competitors' software packages.
  • The best playback quality for a wide set of popular file formats
    ViewSonic MultiView is the only software package on the market which offers high quality playback for many combinations of various file formats. This distinguishes it from many competitor products, where the number and combinations of supported formats have to be reduced to reach an acceptable playback quality.  
    Pictures - All picture formats, including formats with transparent background and animated picture formats. 
    Videos – playback of WMV, MPEG1, MPEG2, DIVX, MPEG4, MP4, MOV videos as well as streaming and HD videos.
    Microsoft powerpoint – support of Microsoft PowerPoint presentations created with 2000-2007 versions of Microsoft PowerPoint. The player is able to playback multiple PowerPoint presentations simultaneously 
    Adobe Flash – support of Flash animations with transparent background and online placed Flash files.
    Adobe PDF – PDF documents are scrolled automatically based on a schedule. 
    RSS and Text – texts and RSS feeds are supported as slider or ticker. Tickers can be designed using different fonts as well as pictures. Tickers can run over video background.
    Web – certain web page regions can be selected and dynamically displayed on the screens. 
    TV – analog and digital (ATSC, DVB-T, DVB-S, DVB-C, NTSC) television.
    A Modern user Friendly interface – the user interface was developed according to Microsoft guidelines; therefore it significantly reduces the learning curve. 
    Timeline – display time of media objects is indicated as a chart and can be easily customized using the mouse. 
    Dynamic Sequences – the software mixes the playlists automatically using repeat rate and time ranges during which spots should be displayed.
    Scheduler – content sequences can be assigned to certain times of the day or special events via calendar similar to Microsoft Outlook.
    Media Search Service – search service for the media on the DVD or on the corporate network. 
    Backgrounds – it is possible to use colors, color transitions or pictures as a background. 
    Background Sound – music or audio effects can be assigned to separate media elements.
    Visual Effects – it is possible to assign sliding or fading effects to the whole pages or separate media objects.
    Easy Configuration of the Video Wall – set the number of displays in the video wall and display resolution with a few mouse clicks. 
    Video Wall Configuration Preview – an overview of display matrix with page regions. 
    Display Grid in the page Designer – there is an option to display grid, so the user can see the borders of the screens in the video wall when designing a page. 
    A Variety of Deployment Scenarios – network, USB, removable media. ATSC TV Standard Support – the software provides support for ATSC TV standard as well as the European standards. 
    Split page into Regions – the user may split each page to be displayed on the video wall into multiple regions and add a separate content to each one.  
    Performance – a special technology manages seamless playback of media objects without visual and loading effects. 
    24/7 operation – the player software has been developed for 24x7 playback.  
    Player Monitoring – the video wall is monitored around the clock. In case of failure, the playback immediately starts again.
    Visual Control – screenshots from displays are sent live to the server and are available for visual control. 
    Intelligent Content Distribution – media projects are downloaded and transferred incrementally and directly to the video wall with time validation.


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ViewSonic Multiview Video Wall Software - DIR Pricing

ViewSonic Multiview Video Wall Software - DIR Pricing

Multiview Video Wall Software