Shipping and Returns

Shipping Details and Policies

Packages are generally dispatched within two (2) days after receipt of payment and are shipped using the most efficient and cost effective method possible for our customer with tracking and drop-off with signature. In most cases, where Pathway Communications engineers will be installing the hardware for you or configuring prior to installation, the hardware will be shipped to our facilities and will be repackaged before shipping or delivery prior to installation.

Shipping fees in most cases are included in the total cost of goods sold.  We pride ourselves in making sure the installation site is clean and tidy when we exit the facility.  Even though boxes and packing materials are of ample size we make sure to pack it all away and work out disposal in specified containers or eliminate from the premisis ourselves.  

Returns are authorized by contacting us and receiving an RMA prior to shipping any product back.  Our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you through the process if needed.